Our departure was delayed on the 21st of Dec.  As I was packing our 1994 F150, and running out of space, 

John came home with an alternate vehicle – a super big Dodge Ram – with more space than we could fill.

But it didn’t check out so we passed, reconfigured our stuff and loaded up the dogs,

Arriving in Staunton VA that night 11:30, home of John’s daughter & family.

A good nights sleep on a comfy new bed in their new apartment over the barn – with a glorious moose head mounted on the wall. – the head bleached white. A work of art in its own right.

The family – Laura, Scott, Zach and Sarah, along with their dogs – Tack, Kona, Sally and cats Tommy and Timmy – seemed well and were very busy, as usual, regardless of the holiday . .

Duck Hunting in the Morning – got 5 — defeathered and breasted and ready to cook – they had made a duck stew for us (which we missed due to our delay) and we mixed the leftovers into the morning eggs.

Going to Work – hi ho hi ho – an ever-growing farm and looming college fees keep one going.

Popping off to see the Dr, – Scott had a skin tag on his tongue

Preparing to go north for the holiday – shopping, laundry, packing, oh yes, and band practice for Zack. They gave us a bunch of gift cards to aid us on our journey (NICE and VERY USEFUL GIFT!).

Zach and John - displaying their morning catch

Sarah - all grown up!

Bucks took full advantage of the morning delay – Sleeping in a good long while!

We took off around 1 – heading south to Lexington, then east across the Blue Ridge Mountains – switchbacks that reminded us of Costa Rica – and Italy – without the guard rails

We were headed for Greensboro NC, where my friend Carol lives, but she was away to see family.

As a general rule, we try to travel back roads rather than highways.

So much to see.  Here’s a few snaps. (I felt like LISA in MY COUSIN VINNY – taking my snaps as we rolled on through).

Our bikes became the frame of our road shots.

More Later – xo Laura & John

Headed toward Lexington from Staunton


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  1. Posted by Lisa Hahn on December 29, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    DId the pop-up shade tent make it into the truck? Enjoy the journey!


    • Yes! and we have a cement pad at the back of the house where we plan to put it up – and find a table we can keep under it for projects and hanging out. There is tons of shade around the house so we don’t need it for sunshade but it will be a lovely addition to our outdoor living. Cozy and useful. THANK YOU again. Will send pics when it’s up xo


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