Initial Doldrums Turn Bright!

We had an interesting day on the 25th and a wonderful day on the 26th

Happy Holidays Island Style

After arriving the 24th evening, we went into town on the 25th for an early supper at the Island Hotel. Good Food! Nice People. So Islandy – this whole place. Then drove all the streets to get oriented.  I really can’t walk too far with my leg – which was totally stressed out by the final weeks of prep – but it’s getting better with each day of rest.
By the time we got home on the 25th John’s mood had turned sour.  What had we done? 
After touring the island he wondered  why we were in this little hut with no view, no dock and surrounded by some hovels.  His discomfort brought me down.
In the morning it was not much different.  He said he had to get it out and not to take it personally. 

Laura at ANNIES

So I brushed if off my shoulders – literally and figuratively – and hoped it was just the dark before the dawn,the contraction before the birth,the scary moments in your new dorm room before you venture forth and find it’s all good, just as you hoped.
After a few hours of organizing and webbing, we dressed and ventured forth -to a most delightful, attitude changing afternoon. With dogs in tow, we stopped for lunch at Annies, which is on the back bay side of the island, across the road and up a couple blocks from us, where the tides go out and leave you high and dry – In the picture, the tide is on its way in – to rise 3 -4 feet only.
Then we headed into town, which was much closer than we thought. 
It would be easy to bike into town.

View from ANNIES

Stopping in at our realtors, we asked some questions about the area – and she was terrific.
Turns out, one of the locals who fishes for mullet and makes the best smoked mullet – by everyone’s opinion – lives two doors over from us. MO and Libby- and he’s our realtors cousin. Knock Knock – Hello Mo- got fish?
And the cool sculptures and mosaics around town were done by Chick and Marsha Schwartz – our other neighbors.
And there is a dock around the corner we can go out on.  And where the nice little beaches and fishing areas you can access – besides the town beach – which was quite lovely – and we are free to picnic, watch the sunset and fish and thow the ball for Daisy.  Apparently there is not a leash law or busy body policing. Or maybe they don’t say anything because our dog is very clearly under our control – and the spell of the ball!.  Very Lovely

Love this building

We also found out about  another highly recommended restaurant – the Island House – first floor of the yacht club.

Saw Grass Club Mosaic Door

Locals rave about their chef – quality home cooking (like we had at the Island Hotel)
So we’ll be going there for New Year’s Eve.


Stopping by the Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center was an equal delight – with info and maps and fishing guides galore.
Also found out a published author lives on the island, writing about a niece and her Aunt — so much like mine, I think, and will find out, and she is a NYT best seller.  WILL be reading her book and then contacting her.
After a lovely afternoon of all this, we were driving back to our now cozy home, in cool funkyville, and stopped to ask a man getting into his truck with a boat attached for recommendations for fresh local clams.  He turns out to be a fishing guide and a school teacher so we are going to try to book him on Thursday – for John’s Birthday.
Then I asked John how much he budgeted for fishing trips and he said: about 10 trips.  Yee Hah! I’m so looking forward to learning the ropes from the locals

Chick Schwartz Sculpture

Then we drove a block past our street to find the produce lady — who also sells clams and oysters  – and just over the bridge is the clam hatchery and marina who sells clams, grouper, shrimp, stone crab claws — all just a couple blocks away from home.

Marsha Schwartz Mosaic

What a turn around in our attitude – and what a delicious meals of clams, stone crab, salad and pasta (from a mix – and quite good)
We then hung out on the front porch of “Oliver Cottage” very happy indeed.
By later evening the wind had turned and rain was heading our way.
As I sit writing this morning, the rain had stopped and the wind-swaying trees were making a lovely melody.
Now it’s pouring and I do feel I’m on an island – Caribbean and laid back.

We may go to the big shops an hour away on this rainy day – although I’d be just as happy hanging about, reading and walking inbetween the raindrops. xoxoxo

Dinner is Served


8 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like it might just be a little bit of heaven after all!


  2. Posted by Maura on December 28, 2011 at 2:26 am

    Just like your book,I want to keep reading more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this blog! Love and miss you both!!! xoxoxoxo


  3. Posted by dee on December 28, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    yea! i’m in florida for the winter! love this! thanks for ‘taking me with you’…xoxo


  4. Posted by Lisa Hahn on December 29, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    So glad it’s turning out nicely. Lots to explore and enjoy. Remember, you aren’t in PA or NJ anymore! That’s a positive!


  5. Posted by Sharon on December 31, 2011 at 12:05 am

    What a nice read! Enjoy, relax, and explore your new surroundings. And you have already begun to do just that! We were once in this area for a short time and always wished that we could return again. Glad that you are doing that for us!


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