ABOUT TOWN part one

TODAY’s WEATHER REPORT: Sunny, T-shirt weather by noon. Open Doors and Windows. Cleaning House for Weekend Guests – Laura and Don from Sarasota!


The cab of our truck has given us all an appreciation for contortionists. 

We just all tuck in: Bucks half on my lap, Daisy standing in the middle, but eventually he lies across Bucks’ hips to snuggle his head on my lap too (ouch for Bucks).

The other day, on a major shopping trip up in Chiefland – (more on that story in a future post) -, the dogs waited in the cab while we shopped ourselves silly and when we came back, Bucks was in a curl on the passenger floor with Daisy completely stretched out on the bench seat. I hope they take turns.

I believe they prefer to be with us, despite the accommodations, then to be left home alone. Toward the end of the shopping trip, I lost the will to maneuver them around again so I just perched myself on the seat edge for the last few stops.

In return for their cooperation, we take them out on jaunts about the town.

WE ARE HERE Cedar Key Map

Last week we went to Cemetery Point, which houses centuries of burials and has a boardwalk promenade around the water’s edge….


Leading to a picnic area and exercise path along the bay’s edge.






beginning of the Bay opening, Looking North West

Johnny on the second boardwalk




















There is another boardwalk vista at the end of that point as well, with a look across the bay – the shoreline along Rt 24 by our area.

across the bay - near our house

The Round, Green house is a couple blocks east of our street.

This is a  sweet spot to pass some time and exercise the dogs. 

Good tai chi spot.



Cocktails and Sunset!

Foreground: Son's plot (deceased), Parent's Next to home (Non-deceased)

On our return walk, we skipped the boardwalk and strolled through the cemetery.

It is a fascinating journey through time and sentiment.

A young man struck down in his 30’s is buried in a plot next to his still alive parents.

When we looked closer – the parent’s had a curious quote on their conjoined headstone: “I AM YOU (on his)  YOU ARE ME (on hers).

I wonder if we will meet Johnnie and Linda Marie Squires on this trip. They must be 67-68 years old.

There was a wide range of expression among the folk who’ve been laid to rest here.  Bird Lovers, Stone Lovers ….

The older Section - solid granite

Birds and Love – what a joyous gravestone!

And the old practice of using shells as markers

As cremation is the fastest growing segment of the funeral market in our world, I wonder if cemeteries will one day be an relegated to an ancient custom altogether?

Well . . . before all that happens . . . we’ve got places to see and people to meet.

Driving around after the cemetery walk, we cruised and found a house on Andrew Circle which charmed our eyes.

It looks like a cape codder, facing the bay, with a dock and boat lift – and grass – in the back at least!

We found it very appealing.

Andrews Circle Cabin

With a grapefruit tree in the front and a porch with a swing to dawdle on  (are you hearing a bit of a drawl in my voice?)

View of the back dock from side of house

Back of the house - fireplace on the closer end

Of course I’m already putting in french doors from the Livingroom onto an open air deck.

And the side shed – perfect writing shed.  Tools? what tools?

Small Shed to the right of the house - Writing Shack Dibs!

Dreaming away keeps a the Alzheimer’s at bay. 

Must get into the shower –

Laura and Don will soon be here! Happy Weekend.

xo  Laura

Porch Swing in the front AND the back.


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  1. I kept on looking and reading and I found everything about the grave yard very touching… What beautiful expressions of love! Keep up the good work Laura! I’ll never be going there, so I really enjoy getting to know these places through your eyes. Love, aunt Betty


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