Chiropractic, Shopping, and Manatees

Today’s Weather: Leggins, Socks, Sweater, Vest, Gloves – Clear and Sunny and Cool. High 50’s forecast.

Wednesday took us up to Chiefland, where the closest shopping is, to see a chiropractor and do a bit of shopping.

Thursday we hung around the hood – while I put in a good six hours on my client’s website – and then rolled into town to check out the art and give Daisy her run on the beach.  That night, I joined an Art Therapy Group! in-between – lots of new people and info.

Here’s the report. (click photos to enlarge)

Chiefland is about 40 minutes away, on back roads, rolling past signs for fish and plants and oysters…

Green Fields for Cattle to Carouse

.with wide grassy plains with cattle and tall spiky pine forest farms – with small houses

Pine Forests

clustered in-between.

Shopping in Chiefland is minimal but adequate.

We began the day with an appointment with Dr. Richeson, a semi retired chiropractor who was fabulous.

Dr. Richeson in Chiefland

He moved me in ways I’ve not been moved in years and he had all the tools to read John’s MRI’s and bent him over on a cart, having him raise and lower his back like a cat.  Big difference in my body

Ah, what's that?

Wal-Mart – as we’ve discovered – has everything and the prices….well, we all know the pro and con reality but….Hasn’t every society gone through the push-pull of changing economies of scale.  Think of Sears & Roebuck Catalogues and how they changed our societies shopping! Of course, the classes have been catalogue shopping for over a century – overseas!

I recently found an old, beautifully bound book that was the catalogue of a high-end goods store in England (the same one Princess Di shopped at, I believe).  It was the across-the-pond resource for high-end households.

I’m very glad I don’t live 15 minutes from a Wal-Mart but I’m also glad it’s close enough to reach. I posted on Facebook how astonished I was to find that my dog’s diabetes meds was 1/3rd the cost as I’d been paying at CVS and other pharmacies. 25 vs 80 bucks.  Every month that adds up. And it was the very same manufacturer.  nuf said.

Besides the Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie (where every 50 bucks gives you points for cents off gas – and we got 40cents off on our last trip – we stocked up for guest –

KIPS - like the 202 shop

there are also several thrift, consignment, second-hand and antique shops. We’ve checked them all out.


At the thrift shop, I picked up my new favorite comfy fleece pull over – huge in size, odd green in color, textured and lovely for banishing the chill — on the water, on the walks and stilling around outside. $1.50.

heavy cotton fabric

John got a cool yellow shirt, great fabric, barely used – $1.50.

Carafe - 5 bucks! perfect

Kips is a great shop for household goods. It’s where John picked up two heavy, crystal, sea oat etched highball glasses for $3.  And I scourged though the .93cents shelves to find

Lynn who owns Kips

fabulous Tupperware and other such containers to make our home work even better – including two nice carafe!  It’s fun, inexpensive and green!

Ginger Snips!

Pretty Dull Road - 19 through Chiefland

On our way home from chiefland, we’ve been taking side roads,

Which Way is Which?

to explore the vast stretch of wilderness along the Suwannee River  – one is Manatee Springs.

walkway to boat ramp on Suwannee

A campground,

boat launch,

Walkway end at the Suwannee

walkway to the Suwannee and

swimming hole where the Manatee come in the winter to birth.

land along the water - stub like growth - eerie

We didn’t see a one, but we met a woman who was there last Feb and she said she waded right into the spring pool area to pet them.

Last January they recorded 441 manatees.

John caught a sturgeon once - prehistoric looking creature

One of the birds on our birding list - also waiting for the Manatees

What can be created out of Spanish Moss? So much of it!

I think I’ll call ahead in the future – as it’s a 6 dollar entrance fee.  Only paying to see the manatee, thank you.

Campground amphitheater - John Presiding

The conduit for the Manatees into springs

We wiggled on back roads from the Manatee Springs to 347 – finding a few other boat launches –

Suwannee, how I love ya..

Someone's Dream Machine

And then drove the 9 mile trail through the woods, where birds are supposed to gather.

Nature Drive in Federal Park along Suwanee

Not much action. Best to come back and park, to walk or bike.

On the way home, we stopped at a place for oysters.

OK – 12 Oysters for 5 dollars.   Wow. And there were more than 12 – as many were stuck together in twos and threes.

Tower of Oyster Shells - what do they do with them?

Harvesting Oysters is all they do – witnessed by the shell tower.

Workers relaxing at end of day

We roasted them…


.first unsuccessfully on the grill and then in the oven.

But even then, in the morning, after leaving them to soak

so I could use the shells in our soon-to-be fire pit,

I found 6 more we missed on the clustered ones.

I think that’s enough for one post.

I’ll get onto writing about the art stuff for tomorrow’s post.

Have a great meal tonight!  Happy Friday! Love, Laura


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark McCullough on January 13, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Nice shirt. Hunting season?


  2. Posted by Jackie on January 13, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Another great blog – I feel like I’m there! I can’t wait to see the manatee pictures.


  3. Posted by Gerry on January 14, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Thrift-shop carafes and oysters, now that’s livin’! And now you’re “well adjusted” to boot. Good on you. … The cold has reared its breezy head up here, but at least there’s still no snow in the forecast. Peace and love. G&J


  4. Posted by Kate Kaiser on January 16, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Nice! Sounds like a wonderful time down there. Keep enjoying!


  5. Small town life…gotta love it! Great story. I enjoy reading all your posts! keep them coming!


    • Thanks, Jennifer – for the comment and checking in.
      I’ve returned home to New Hope PA for the summer and haven’t posted recently.
      You’ve prompted me to rething that. THANKS!


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