Laura-Don-Jean PLUS Talapia Farming

A few more shares of our Don and Laura Visit.

We also met our neighbor Jean – a friend of our landlord.

A former NYC lawyer, she is now full-time retired in Cedar Key.

After our boat journey, she joined us at the park beyond the cemetery – where the board walk ends and people come to fish, picnic and play.

The Gates of the Cemetery - leading to the park

Fishing the Bay

All good things come to he who will but wait (and keep the faith)

Don and Laura were finally able to open the Champagne they’ve been holding –
waiting for his deal to come through.

good pals

What a happy thing to celebrate!

Picnic into Sunset

Sunday morning, we met with Denny Voyles and his wife Karen to make a connection between Don and Denny.
Denny and Karen met in Minnesota – at a state fair – and clicked instantly. They knew about Cedar Key from one of their parents, who’d retired there.  Then they decided to raise their family on a farm outside Cedar Key b/c they didn’t want to retire someplace they didn’t know anyone. (that’s a pretty good idea – live where you’d like to retire!)  Karen worked in TV news back then but now is a journalist with the Gainesville Times
Besides being a fishing guide, Denny teaches many subjects at Cedar Key Middle school and is embarking on a tilapia and Greens farming project, which our friend Don knows much about.  It’s a closed loop system where the water of the fish tank is recycle into micro greens and then filters back into the fish tank – each feeding the other as they both grow to edible size.

Captain Denny and Karen Voyles

He gave us a tour of his school and projects –

Future Farmers of America Awards

he’s won so many future farmer award, the ribbons are stacked up on the shelf.

A bin of fish they are raising in the classroom

He is a model teacher, the kind you never forget, if you are lucky enough to have one of such skill and passion.

He left two of these fish in the summer, and came back to a clan!

Location for the talapia farming - back of the school

and his passion for the tilapia project is driven by the desire to show the kids how they can grow their own food as well as to supply the local food pantry with protein and fresh greens – much better choices than the boxed pasta that is the usual fare.

Hydroponic Planting Project

Good use for an old boat!

A Family Tree of Heritage

After that very enlightening visit, we walked about town

Bicycle Art!

Stone Crab! Yum!

and then returned home to share a final meal of  stone crabs.

Stone Crab Nose Ring

Laura learned young how to use humor, no matter what the situation, and always finds the funny in things, crab claws are no exception.

Is there more?

What Daisy Wants Most B-A-L-L

A wonderful visit -all in all!  Til Next Time xo, Laura

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gerry on January 25, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    I have a friend who says “too good” when he really likes something. Well, in his parlance, you guys are having too good a time. And good on ya. xox


  2. I want to meet Denny Voyles and learn more about his aquaponics.
    Chery Vaughan
    St Pete, FL


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