Dr. Matossian – Relaxing – Recouperating

For those of you who know our friend Cynthia Matsossian, you know she is a very focused person, skilled eye surgeon. and very busy, always.

We were surprised when she called to say she wanted to come for a visit – flying in on a Friday afternoon (into Gainesville) and fly out on Sunday morning – by herself (her husband George, who runs her ophthalmology practice, was too swamped with a number of projects).

So I drove up to get her on Friday and we returned to pick up John and the dogs for a cocktail picnic at the Shell Mound park.

Cindy at Shellmound Park

That part was particularly funny. Because we have a one bench seat truck, three adults and two dogs could not all fit.

So, I laid down in the truck bed, along with Bucks and John lowered the lid — not closed but lowered – and off we rolled.

Buck's eyes may be cloudy - but still expressive!

I wish I could show you Buck’s  when the truck started rolling. Eyes widened, Ears perked, Legs moved to touch my chest, arm. “What’s going on, Mom,” he silently said.

Daisy joined us in the truck bed for another trip

Good thing we were together. After a few minutes, he calmed down and we had a lovely ride, with a different view from the sides of the truck bed lid. It was particularly beautiful when we passed under trees.  And there was a nice massage to my back with the truck vibrations.

John and Cindy on Shellmound Dock

Anyway, that all went well and I made a youtube video on Daisy’s puzzling out the boardwalk to the dock over the water. I posted it on Facebook but let me know if you’d like the link.

Shellmound Dock. Never tire of this view


At the Town Beach -- Birding!

Pitching the ball for Daisy

John and Bucks Catch a few winks

Friday night we dined at the Blue Desert – walked to dinner – and Saturday we toured around the town, ending up on the beach for a late lunch and leg stretch.

A new way to use the picnic table?

"Aren't cha coming?"

Saturday night, we dined at the Island House Restaurant and met the owners: Peter and Gina.

Terrific meal and interesting people we look forward to hosting some time soon.

Gina - owner of THE ISLAND ROOM - good restaurant!

John and Cindy at THE ISLAND ROOM

Then we met our neighbors at the BLACK DOG – a terrific cigar/bar where you can smoke cigars you buy from them inside.

They also have two nice docks on street and bay side.

Black Dog Outside, Dock Street Side

This was our first foray onto Dock Street at night. Don’t know how an establishment makes a living with the scarcity of patrons…..on a Saturday night.

Black Dog Insid

Black Dog - cool chairs

Cindy has an incredible curiosity and was committed to going with the flow so she said yes to nearly everything.

Cindy - checking out the chess match

She also seemed to be checking out this place for future visits — noting what George would like and the pervasive calm atmosphere on the island. She was a terrific guest and friend and we are glad she came.

Dr. Cindy - Relaxing

I am also pleased to share that Cynthia is also being recognized for her professional medical contribution at the international ophthalmology conference this upcoming weekend.  She has created a new technique for cataract surgery that has less impact on the patient, and she is presenting her technique to her colleagues.  I think that is so cool!  It reminded me of the characters and situation in the book CUTTING FOR STONE.  Doctors who love their specialty, constantly drive to improve their craft and skill.  BRAVA CYNTHIA!  We love and celebrate you!

In closing, I must mention that we missed Cindy’s check in time by 5 minutes at the airport – and as she didn’t have her boarding pass printed out, she was stuck – because the desk personnel leave to board the plane at 30 minutes before takeoff.

It was frustrating to see the gate and not be able to go.  Then we find out the only way she can get home that night (for she was due in surgery in the morning) was to fly out of Jacksonville.  So we load up, drive 1.5 hours further and drop her off at the Jacksonville airport and turn around to head home.  We could have called Ellen Emerson or my cousin Kim, but we had two dogs in the house and had to get back. Fortunately we’ve made friends with our neighbors and left a key behind so they let them out for a midday pee.

SEVEN hours later we are home,

Fired up the bar-be and

After a long drive....let there be fire!

mmmmm - hickory smoked

cooked up the chicken I’d been marinating in buttermilk for two days, had a bonfire and got a little toasted ourselves. And I spent all day Monday recovering – rather tired was I!

Keep the conversation burning!

Today, I feel like myself again. Good thing. Planing a dinner for some new friends who are about to leave.

Maura: You were right.

That’s all for now.

xo Laura


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Maura on February 2, 2012 at 8:46 am

    I just LOVE hearing about all your adventures!!!!!!
    What was I right about??? That you’d be entertaining all the neighbors??? Conversation Farm follows you wherever you go…Miss You xoxo


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