Walking Cedar Key  – section by section – to unveil what’s behind what and how each area feels.

Beginning at the far left side,  where the Fenimore Broom Mill was transformed into condos on stilts — we initially thought the structure somewhat imposing, but upon closer look,  seem rather nice.

Fenimore Mill Condos

Old Mill Building

Strolling around to the water side that wraps the condos, we found sugar white sand, cool driftwood and any number of things, dragged in and out by each new tide.

Laura and Daisy on the Fenimore Beach

These residential condos are rented out to visitors, but, as they lack an elevator, it can be difficult for an older traveler. We met a woman who reserved one with her 90 year old mother, not realizing the amount of stairs involved. Babyboomers be alert: elevators in homes are popular for just this reason. We are getting older and our ability to pop up the stairs will diminish – no matter how much we “will it” otherwise.

Several other condo units encircle the Fenimore complex, and in between lay some sweet homes.

I like One Mill Road in particular.

Blue, Porches. Two Stories, Backyard, Dock, Large Shed.  Given the size of the cooling unit connected to the shed and the clam bags drying out in the yard, a professional fisherman likely lives there.

One Mill Road

Even the Sign is cool

Another Sweet House

Love this wide porched home - facing the water

This house was deceivingly large from the side

love the doors

Next along the shore line is the town beach and park – really terrific!

Beach Gazebo

A section with great swings and playground equipment for kids of all ages, clean facilities,  picnic tables, benches, dog bags, gazebo, SYCAMORE TREES! (our favorite), trash and recycle cans, grass for tossing a ball, a nice walkway and a beach that is soft and clean.

kids are kids everywhere

Everyday we run Daisy there, tossing the ball into the water – She dives in with abandon and entertains the passers-by. The water only rises to 4 feet or so on the high tide so it’s not a swimming beach – but if it got really hot, a great floating beach and so great for kids.

Flock of Birds - resting on a shore, left of beach

Daisy got too close to them!

Conversation is easy to strike up on the beach – particularly with other dog owners. And – as is always the case, we met people with hometown connections.

John chatting with Tom, the Kayak Rental Man

The man who rents kayaks at the town beach moved to Cedar Key 30 years ago from . . . Bucks County, of course!

Water, Please, Mom

Mary and Sammy from Deer Isle Maine

Patiently Waiting for her next Pitch

One day we met Mary and her husband Brian from Deer Isle Maine – and joined them on their dock in Rye Key for sunset cocktails – introducing them to their first martini’s — and their last, me thinks.

Mary and Brian on their Rye Key Dock

Rye Key Neighbors

Rye Key is the only :”gated” community on the island – large houses, spaced apart. Mary and Brian haven’t met their neighbors as we have. But they really appreciate being on the water as they are big kayakers. 

Toasting on Rye Key

Sunset from the Rye Key Dock

I’m sure Gated Communities have a valuable function for some but they remind me of the definition of heaven that I was asked to create in second grade catholic school. A nun told us that heaven is whatever we want it to be and to draw a picture of how we envision heaven. I initially drew a big house and swimming pool and lots of land around it = kinda like a Rye Key or any other gated community which not only gates out the occupants from the outside world, but from each other, as well. 


But I wasn’t happy with my vision of heaven and revised my plan, drawing a picture of  tiki-style huts, clustered around a big pond  – a whole village of the, filled with all my friends and family, surrounded by a happy, connected feeling.

I still hold that image in my head and have always been drawn to neighborhoods over isolated property, no matter how luxurious the latter.

 DOWNTOWN has a range of stores. John categorized:

Two Banks,

Two art co-ops stores,

Bev - on her shift at the art coop

Rich, Woodturner, on his shift at the other gallery

Love these Driftwood Fish

One gift shop, One consignment shop,

John with Nancy from the DeJaVu Consignment Shop

One bookstore,

Laura P on he way towards DeJaVu

One antique store (way overpriced),

One hotel and several motels,

Island Hotel

Cozy Street

Motorheads Everywhere!

Several restaurants and Bars,


particularly along the dock area

One Patisserie,

One quick mart/liquor store, (they have to close one to serve you in the other)

One grocery market,

Local Groceries


Really cool mural under those Grocery Signs

One auto repair shop

Andy's Auto Repair Shop

(you can’t find a better mechanic than Andy fabulous!)

One Hairdresser

One Hardware Store

Marine Hardware Store

LOVE these white marine work go-go boots

He also categorized the services and found there were more lawyers than anything. Hmmmmm.

We recently met Ken, who used to own the house we are renting, and regularly visits his mother how lives down the street from us.  He is a 40+yr resident and former mayor, who was responsible for scuttling the plans of one shyster lawyer who came to town, sold two million dollars worth of property in a proposed development on the shoreline just outside of Cedar Key proper before he could hoodwink Cedar Key into extending its sewer system. The property is on the mainland and it would require a reverse osmosis process to include it in the Cedar Key processing plant. IF Cedar Key had approved it, and the development defaulted (which is what happened to  90% of the other developments this same lawyer create represented across the state), Cedar Key would have been stuck with a 250K annual underwriting of the system. But Ken did his homework and found the evidence to thwart this lawyer’s intentions. He took his money and skedaddled and only one house was built there – don’t know what the owners of those properties will do now but …  It was good to run into Ken because we’ve been wondering about other un-developed areas, 

It’s good to meet the locals who know and act on the town’s best interests.

That’s it for now — More on the Dock Shops, soon. xoxo Laura


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  1. Love you post. Very clever layout


  2. Posted by Maura on February 4, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Have you bought yourself those white boots yet? I know they WILL be coming home to New Hope with you.


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