VALENTINES DAY on Cedar Key features a DINNER DANCE at the Community Center, Hosted by the LIONS Club!

Most anything with the word Dance in it, attracts my attention.

And new friends we’d met at the Tiki Bar super bowl party had mentioned it as well.

So  we arrive.

Ladies and gents, it really is like going back in time, being on this island.

Where’s Ellie May and when is the train due in Petticoat Junction?

Community Center Room

It was a mostly older crowd,

with a sprinkling of young girls who danced with their Pa.,

and every shape and size.

The drinks are $1 for water, $2 for Beer $3 for wine, filled up to the tippy top of those hard plastic cups.

Cheap wine but tolerable – and you don’t want to drink too much.

The tables were set around the center dance floor and I don’t know who made the gauze, wire, lighted Eiffel tower, but it was just precious.

Over by the band .. was a table of silent auction. The only thing we bid on was the airplane ride which we were planning on doing for my BD anyway – and the pilot was there and he said he made it an extra special trip!  Happily, we won it!

Edward Hopper Painting: Cedar Key

Dinner was served out of the kitchen so we lined up for “more, please”

Dinner Servers!

Catered by THE ISLAND ROOM, it was delicious.

We took a seat at the nearest open table and discovered Shannon – whom we met early on at the Blue Desert Restaurant, with her sweetheart Wally.

Shannon and Wally

Wally had rough, working hands yet a tender grip. He told me he worked in  clamming at the Aquaculture plant, just down the road from our house. He also is a tree man.  Well, I asked him to drop off any good firepit wood at our house instead of taking it to the landfill. We exchanged numbers and I hope he does so. It will save me from scavenging fallen wood around town (. . . ” who’s that crazy lady in the red truck picking up all the wood in town?”. . .)

John Talking with Shannon - Kelly in the Background

Of course John and Laura did their thing on the dance floor.

Kelly - most interesting woman, must talk with her more

John, bless him, ignored whatever pain he was feeling and really enjoyed the dancing as much as I did.

And there was a song with a brazilian beat that gave us the entire floor — and a standing ovation. (grin)

Many a person said: “we could watch you dance all night – so smooth”And I told them about my daddy (yes, I said Daddy) who taught his 7 girls how to dance and I just couldn’t marry anyone who didn’t love dancing just the same. (the twang is creeping in)

They had a good beat we could dance to!

The Band was good!  And they looked like a cluster of hard living 60 year olds…..

Was that Keith Richards on drums?

great outfit!

Peter Frampton  on Bass? – and what a cool outfit is that!

We left around 8 – stopping by the couples house who lived around the corner –

And returned to the center at 9:30 to pick up our truck and found the place nearly empty but the band still playing, for the one last couple who danced nearly every song.

End of the Night!

But for us, it was time to go home and have PIE —

Can she bake a cherry pie? Billy boy Billy Boy

John bought a Cherry Cream pie from the ISLAND GIRL – who makes all her cakes and sweets from family recipes.

The Island Girl Sure Can!

Nice way to end the  night.!

I just hope we get to do more dancing before next Valentines day!

Another Happy Day






My friend Matt Lawskowski is coming to town today with his friend Pam.

We plan to Bike and Paddle and Feast on the fruits of the mer -So I’ll post again next week.

Have a great weekend and best to you and yours. xo Laura


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  1. Posted by Mark McCullough on February 16, 2012 at 9:24 am

    Attention fiend.


  2. Posted by Patti McHugh on February 16, 2012 at 1:18 pm



  3. Posted by Gerry on February 17, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Damn, it sounds like you’re having one hell of a good time. If I weren’t so happy for you, I’d be jealous. xo


    • Gerry – let me guess – you liked the reference to Petticoat Junction or Edward Hopper best. xoxox LAURA Laura Matson Hahn New Hope,



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