This morning I took Daisy out to the CEDAR SCRUB area for a walk.

I like to get into a stride for 30 to 40 minutes – and with Daisy along, I have to chuck the ball, constantly.

Last night a storm rolled through and we had a prediction of rain all this morning – but the sky was cloudless and sunny so it seemed like a good time for carpe diem!

We arrived as another man was leaving and no other cars were parked.

As I planned to just walk in 20 minutes and turn around and walk out, I didn’t take a trail map. 

The Wide Sandy Paths Zig Zag around the Scrub

But I got the a T in the wide, sandy pathway and thought it was the one that hooked back into the center corridor, and the truck.

So I took left – BLUE TRAIL SIX.  A path less taken with no footprints on it and my body well heated by the walk – so I stripped off the light sweatshirt and planned to let my arms soak up the sun, too.So we walked and threw and caught the ball and enjoyed the fresh, fresh air, and kept on Trail 6 when there was a choice, assuming the trail would lead me back to the main path, leading to the truck.

Daisy - after an hour on the trail - constantly shagging balls

. . . An hour later, I began to doubt.

Which way is north? south? east? The sun was directly overhead and I didn’t know if the wind was still South West or had it switched to North East – as predicted? 

"Go to the Left" the branches indicate - Wrong!

I looked up at the trees – some bare, some pine, and wondered why i couldn’t see the cell phone tower that was just north of the main path when we took off.  I could have been inches from a road, but the thick brush camouflaged and barricaded it.

. . .  Finally I felt lost



uh ohhhh

– and up against a barbedwire fence – and calling John who did have a map and began walking me back —

Junction by Junction.

Circling Around one path - new territory

Took me an hour to get back to the original T – the path less taken.

Checking the clues in the sand - is that daisy's claw mark or is someone else here?

My Foot?

And that path felt like home as I slowly strolled the last 1/2 mile or so — and all through out, Daisy kept taking breaks, lying in the shade while I caught up or walked on – panting like a sob. 

So two hours in all, over 3 and a half miles, with a few scary (and confusing) moments when everything looked the same,

It's the Gate!

I finally spied the entrance gate – and the blooming thistle I’d passed on the way in! 

The Gate!

A tough flower of victory and Big Red never looked so good. Glad we had the jugs of water in the back and a big bowl for Daisy, who lapped up over a quart.

Thistle Power

When I got home, John had iced lemon water waiting, along with the compass and a swiss army knife for future walks.

Big Red - Ahhhh

Me?  I drank the water, ate a sandwich and have been resting my very tired hip bones for the rest of the day.

Daisy? Very much the same!  But I think she’d go out again today, especially if it was to the water.

But the chance of that is: Nil!

xo Laura


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ellen on March 4, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    oh my god! How scary. I can see myself doing the same. At least it is not the Pine Barrens! So glad you and Daisy are safe.

    love, Ellen, Buddy and Jegger


  2. Posted by ellen on March 4, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    One more thing, I don’t usually expect trees to talk to me! Smoking something good?


    • hahahaha – at 11 in the morning? Not likely. But look at the branches – what were they telling me? what direction had the wind blown it? Was that the wind from the sea?
      Oh god – just get me out of here – was all I was really thinking. xo


  3. Posted by barb on the hill on March 5, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Ah…the thistle …the luck of the Irish my dear. You did have the luck to get out and I am glad you are safe.


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