Welcome to the Fashion Show!

HI YA’LL! And WELCOME to the Cedar Key Women’s Club Annual Fashion Show!

Each year the group of 50 women come up with a theme for their annual fundraiser and team up with Nancy, the owner of DEJA VU Consignment shop, to create a hootenany of a fashion show.

This years theme: Red White and Blue Patriotic and the Barbie on each table displayed that spirit.

Previous Years Themes were based on songs — ie: “She’s a Brick House”

Deja Vu owner Nancy then selects pieces from the shop and creates ensembles– and writes the detailed descriptions about what they are made of and where they can be worn, right down to the style of buttons!


But before the show starts there is more…..much, much more.

Cool Program Cover - See the Shoe Woman?

Dessert Table! All Home Made and Delicious

The Luncheon isn’t served until noon – but the doors open at 10:30….giving ample time to shop the vendors, lining the walls of the room…. to meet and greet and salivate over the dessert table.

This year they also celebrated the fact that two of the original founding members (back in the 1960’s) were in attendance – one at our table!  It just warmed my heart – and everyone elses, too.

One of the two original founding members of the CK women's club

My new friend Jean (R)-- we both showed up to everything...(including the opening of an envelope) ... she is such a dear.

Two Local Artists: Sandy Allen (L:Painting) and Ann Kamzel (R-Photography)

My new friend Suzanne Kreible! She brought me to this event.

Suzanne and I cruised the vendors and picked up some wonderful cards (great local pics of area wildlife ) and necklaces – new and vintage!

Hand Made Lighthouse votive candle illuminators

For the most part, we caught up with each other on recent explorations and enjoyed watching every aspect of Cedar Key society unfold before our eyes.

Jackie (from Boulder) and Connie (CK Artist, full time resident). Two more lovely ladies of CK

Ladies at our table catching up on the news and laughs


Cindy - who was in my jewelry remaking class!





This is Ginnah - she is a published author of Night Navigation - beautifully written book (on a very challenging subject of a son's drug addiction)







Then Miss Tacky showed up..

Who is that? Miss Tacky?

Bursting through the doors, blowing her whistle to get our attention, Miss Tacky was dressed in every kind of crazy get up with a mouth to match – she was just the foil an event like this needs, and I was told she does it every year.  Winding around the tables, showing off her different fashions and  bantering with the club President, she  illuminated the good works of the Womens Club.  Miss Tacky was delightfully entertaining and instrumental. I admire people who can do that – be the court clown, jester, entertainer and deliver all the key information to the crowd in a package of fun.

Miss Tacky Tourist Arrives!

Women's Club President (don't know her name but what a lovely, friendly face - and nice hat!)

Yo! Miss Tacky -- Pose for a snap!






So then Miss Tacky announces the 50-50 game and everyone who wants to play waves a dollar in the air – which she collected.

Iola Russell waving her dollar for the 50-50 drawing

Then all the participants stood up for the quarter toss — you put your hands on your head or your tail before it was tossed – and the losing side sat down and it was repeated again and again until there were only 2 -and finally one – winner – who split the pot with the club (Laura Beckham won and donated it back).

Heads or Tails - Choose One!






Then there were the raffle drawings …. and the door prizes linked with the hand written number on the back of each program.

Then there was the $500 drawing – which the police chief came to make the draw —

Police Chief: And the $500 Winner is!

Somewhere in there was the luncheon – we walked up to the counter to pick up a nice plate of homemade chicken salad, pasta, greens and a croissant along with some dessert goodies.

Finally – it was time for the fashion show!.



As the club president described the fashion, every age and style was presented, to the delight of all: Take a look! xo Laura

Sarah actually bought the dress at Deja Vu and altered it - she also found the gorgeous kid gloves there, too!


Suzanne's daughter had recently dropped off two hampers full of clothes to the shop -and her belt and shoes were used in this ensemble

This woman loves to swim....and it shows!! ooo la la

The young woman who won the Women's Club scholarship the previous year.

Matching with your dog in a donna karan!

All ages attended and inspected the fashions

Red Bermuda Shorts - aplomb!

Snappy Green Savvy

Oh, just a little something for going to the Post Office - where you meet everyone!

A whole family was in the show 4 kids and a mom!

Patriotic March!

Everyone was on their feet and singing and waving their flags! whew, the room was full of emotion!

So here I am at my first CK fashion show, sporting a rocking outfit - and just so ya know: both my silk skirt and bandolino heels were purchased at consignment/thrift shops!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ellen on March 18, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Laura, You are in your element done there. I can see why you want to stay. I wear a 7-7.5 shoe. Pick me some goodies! Send me the bill.


  2. Posted by Betty Nugent on March 18, 2012 at 10:33 am

    You look great Laura… and happy!!! This chapter was fun reading.


  3. Posted by benita ryan on March 18, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Do they any any Lily Pulitzer’s down there??? They must!! not sure what size I am as I always seem to be expanding! Anyway, what a hoot. Just bought a new pair of tango shoes…….

    and when do you come home??



  4. Posted by teri brennan on March 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    . . . and let me add that Laura won the “50/50” cash award and returned it to support funds raised for a new Fisher House project in Gainesville. (Fisher House is a residential home for military families who need to be near loved ones receiving medical treatment).


  5. Posted by teri brennan on March 19, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    . . . oops! Different Laura. . . BUT, if she had won the 50/50 $ money, she would have donated it to Fisher House Project, Cedar Key Woman’s Club, Red White & Blue Fashion Show event.


  6. Laura, thanks for the coverage of our show. Much fun was had by all!!
    And, yes Benita, I DO get Lily Pulitzer at Deja Vu…… ocassionally.


    • Hey, Nancy – that’s great to know. I’ll have to get Benita’s size! And she’s a tango dancer. We should get her to come to Cedar Key and do a TANGO fashion show!


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