Seyfert Dock on Rye Key --- loading up the boats.

We were invited to a BEACH PARTY last Saturday. . . .

On NORTH KEY — The Seyfert’s were hosting a party for a friend’s daughter, and nearly all the kids from the cedar key H.S. came – it’s a small HS.

People, Food and Equipment were loaded up on the boat and off we zoomed to a day that felt reminiscent of our own youthful beach days….and the movie BEACH BLANKET BINGO or some other Gidget film.  Just pictures for you to enjoy!  We sure did!

xoxo Laura

Nearly all of Cedar Key HS is present!

Daisy came along for the adventure!

Of course they brought a weber and a gas grill, too!

Varooooom! three or four boats of people and stuff, off to North Key

Some enchanted Island.....

A stretch of soft sand, cool clean sea and....

Supplies for the day's lounge!

Our Hosts - Linda and Chris Seyfert

Girls just want to have fun.....waiting their turn!

The lay of the land

Lamar! Grew up on Cedar Key, married a HS sweetheart, raising kids on Cedar Key. Such a sweet life.

Linda Seyfert and My Honney

John hangs with the boys....after hanging with the girls.

New Girlfriends - Linda and Laura!

Sweet Heidi - who we met the day before up at Fowlers Bluff Treasure cove restaurant! It's a small world in CK

Dog Heaven

Teenage Girls are the same, everywhere

oo-ooo I got a text! Really?

And the beat goes on.....

Remember when we had those bodies???

This is called a Bird Dog boat - used for clamming, where you can throw the clams up on the back of the boat.

This Boat is called a Carolina Skiff

The other side of NORTH KEY is full of driftwood. Looking forward to seeing it someday!

John and Jenice (Ja-neice)

Julie is Lamar's HS sweetheart, wife and mother of his children!

The two little kids are Heidi's twins! What a way to grow up!!

Just another day in paradise

Kathy - the mother of the teenager for whom the party was thrown! A spirited woman!

THANK YOU, LINDA, for the party and the experience and the friendship! We are very lucky to know you.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Patti McHugh on March 24, 2012 at 10:16 am



  2. Posted by ellen on March 25, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Laura, I think you should somehow include audio commentary so we can hear you say fantastic, a lot! I am jealous that Daisy gets to have a great adventure too.



  3. Fascinated with all you are doing and experiencing and people you have met that have been the spice to the adventure!

    Ellen E


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