Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts back with us on Bucks.  It was wonderful.

I send along this post because about 4 days after we buried Bucks, I had a dream, a most vivid dream that felt like a visit from Bucks.

There were a couple of images – one in which he was on the floor of our kitchen, laying in his own pee – which did happen the day we let him go.

But then there was the big, bright, bold dream that took my breath away and woke me up with a smile on my face.

I was walking along a city street and Bucks suddenly materialized right in front of me – his Black Body forming out of thin air, with a bounce and a giggle as he turned around, tail wagging, tongue hanging, mouth laughing and eyes dancing as he flipped around, full of life and animation and JOY — wow — the JOY was electric.  Then off  he dashed, zig-zagging through the crowd on the sidewalk.

I was about to call to him when I suddenly noticed a policeman walking along on my right side and he suddenly took off after Bucks – the wild dog with no collar, no tags, no leash!  And then they were both gone from sight.

I began asking around, as to where Bucks might be brought if he were caught.

I was told to go to the DOG JAIL!

At the Creek

It turned out to be a building set off from the main police station – a long cement block building with bars on the open window.

I looked in – and saw Bucks, in the back of the building at a round table – playing poker (you know the picture) – yucking it up with other dogs – visors, cigars and all.

Well, that gave me such a happy, peaceful feeling – knowing he was having a hell of a good time and let me know.  I just walked away with a smile on my face.

  From that morning on, I haven’t shed a tear.

I miss his presence around the house,

but I can’t wait for another dream visit from

my best boy.

Coming back from a run in the meadow

xoxo – Laura


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Betty on June 8, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Dreams like that are wonderful. I had one a long time ago where I saw myself getting out of the Post Office and there was a man sitting on the sidewalk, his back on the building and his head hidden by a military cap… When I went by him he suddenly took off the hat, looked at me with his bright blue eyes, a big smile on his face and winked at me… It was your uncle Jack! I remember waking up feeling so good.


    • Oh, Aunt Betty – you are the best. I’ve been getting private messages from people who have had a similar experience but you, alone, wrote it for anyone to see. That’s Good! My father said “You know, someday they may come an cart you away.” Tis true. I only hope it’s to a place that’s beautiful and I don’t have to cook or clean. xoxo Love you! LAURA Laura Matson Hahn New Hope, PAwww.conversationfarm.co



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