“We are looking for a Farm. Someday, we’d like to live on a farm.” John and Laura said.

 John’s Son-in-Law asks. “What kind of animals will you have?”

Laura replied. “Only the kind that can come in the house.”

“Then what will you grow? What kind of crops.” Son-in-Law asked sincerely.

John and Laura smiled and said: “On our farm we will grow Conversation.”



An engagement between two or more beings for the exchange of ideas, illumination, inspiration, comfort, directions, healing, understanding, loving and learning. 

Have you had a good one recently?


JOHN M. MATSON: Thinker, Strategist, Lover, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Friend.

LAURA MATSON HAHN: Writer, Author, Creative Crafter, Communication Strategist. Daughter, Wife, Aunt, Friend

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by char on December 29, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Laura and John,
    What a delight to see your beautiful smiles again. I’m looking forward to living vicariously through your adventures the next three months. Create an amazing 2012!


  2. Posted by Alice Thorpe on February 8, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Hi Laura, John,

    We northerners have been spared the wind, snow, sleet and ice that almost drove some of us down to Florida… nonetheless I’m still “wishing I was there”. It looks like a great place. Looking forward to conversations when you return. Warm regards, Alice


    • Thanks, Alice! So good to hear from you and so glad the north was spared the hell we all went through last year. as you say, never-the-less, discovering this haven has been amazing. Look forward to conversations with you, too. Hope your house is finished or coming along nicely. Thanks for commenting.


  3. John and Laura: It was lovely meeting you all last night at Sherri’s garden! I hope to run into you all again sometime in the future. I wish you both luck on your oncoming journey and on your book too, Laura! Thank you for the wonderful conversation 😀


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